shared entrepreneurship

Working a professional job or owning your own business is time consuming.

Employees, inventory, market trends, insurance and marketing can be extremely challenging. Some people have found a way to double their income without giving up what they do and lower their taxes at the same time.

I am writing you because I found a business concept and a 1.3 Billion dollar partnered International Company that has solved my time and money challenges.

I worked hard for over twenty years combining a teaching job and a marketing business despite knowing that the path I was taking was not providing me with the time and the money I desired for my family and myself. 

I believe most people who feel the same or similar generally keep their business options open. I invite you in the next few days to set up a short meeting, just 15 minutes. At that meeting I will give you some printed information. After you review the materials you may decide you want to set up a meeting to get more information ~ then again you may not. In either case I will be happy to see how I can help you grow your business by utilizing the several thousand contacts I have.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to chatting with you.