Bart Hungenaert

EN / NL 

Educator  .  Entrepreneur  .  Marketing - & Sales Expert

I am an experienced educator and entrepreneur with multiple profitable running businesses.

Working with people & getting the most out of a team is my passion and number one asset.

I am a big believer in getting better by taking action, always being focused on finding solutions and learning how to deal with criticism and obstacles to get to the next level. 

I have an intense passion for health, traveling & meeting new people!

Love teaching, sales, marketing and everything in between! And always in for a good conversation.

How I Can Help ...

We provide effective Corporate Trainings on:

We organize seminars for entrepreneurs:

1 on 1 coaching

DFY Services

Results ...

Did €5000 my first month as a starter in my Spiritual Coaching practice after 2 days with Bart!

Nico Vande Venne

Doubled my revenue in 30 days after implementing my new designed funnels with Bart.

Jimmy Lanssens

Using the Ad Funnels we booked 3 appointments per day on our campaign, before we barely got 3 per week! Revenue up for me and the team from €6000 to €80000 after 6 months!

Jurgen Vande Kapelle

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